Wide cloakroom bench

Cloakroom benches serve as cloakroom equipment for businesses, gyms, schools, and sport facilities.


Cloakroom benches are a useful addition to any changing rooms in sports facilities, gyms, businesses, and schools, offering convenience and functionality. The bench is made of laminated chipboard with 2 mm ABS edging.

To protect the floors and facilitate easy movement, the legs are equipped with plastic glides.

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Technical parameters

Recommended Installation and Maintenance Guidelines for Triton Benches

Recommended Environment:

  • Intended for indoor use,

  • The locker is not intended for outdoor installations and for installations in environment that can negatively influence the functionality of the locker (humid or wet environment).

Necessary Protection:

  • Protection against mechanical damage,

  • Avion improper handling,

  • Do not use the furniture for purposes other than its intended use.

Improper handling includes:

  • Altering the construction and design of the bench.

Installation of the locker: 

  • The locker must be placed on a flat floor; any small unevenness will be compensated by levelling feet. We recommend fixing metal furniture to the wall.

Environment protection:

  • All parts are made of recyclable materials. When disposing of the bench, it is necessary to handle them according to applicable regulations.


  • It is recommended to regularly clean the benches with non-abrasive, neutral pH (5-8) cleaning agents and thoroughly dry them afterwards,

  • The manufacturer is not responsible for normal wear and tear of the product.